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Choose Visibility – Choose Safety!

Our offer includes high-quality Vornitzer™ wiper blades, which do not leave streaks of water or mist, while operating perfectly both up and down. And all that with noiseless performance and without annoying sounds. Vornitzer™ wiper blades are everything we would expect from high-quality windscreen wipers – and at a very affordable price.

We are aware of how difficult it can be to find windscreen wipers which could satisfy your demands and suit your car. Therefore, we are offering you Vornitzer™ wiper blades made of high-quality materials, such as the Teflon coating, which is responsible for additional perfect and noiseless wiping performance. Their average lifespan is about 1,000,000 movements. Vornitzer™ wiper blades function in all seasons, while carefully designed high-quality materials ensure perfect wiping performance even at higher traveling speeds. To learn more about Vornitzer™ wiper blades – the best wiper blades you can buy for your car – click HERE.

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