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Through my history as a driver, I have tried many different brands of wiper blades. Vornitzer wiper blades are one of the best wiper blades, if not the best.

First, I would like to thank the seller, who was very friendly with me and guided me through the purchase, since I don’t know much about these things. For now, I can only say positive things about these wipers, so I think I have made a good deal.

Excellent windscreen wipers for a good price. I have nothing more to add.

I don’t have any complaints on the quality of your wiper blades or the delivery speed. I wish you many satisfied customers.

The received wiper blades are excellent! The delivery speed and all additional information were at the highest level I’ve ever met when shopping online.

Received windscreen wipers ensure noiseless and perfect wiping performance. Very fast delivery and simple installation.

I am very satisfied with the purchased wipers. Their performance is as good as the performance of those wiper blades, which the auto center of my car is selling, but for a higher price.

The wiper blades are great and can be easily compared with much more expensive brands. Despite the fact that I used them on icy and salted glass, their wiping performance is still perfect. Very simple installation and very fast delivery. I will certainly buy from you again.

Before I could even share my opinion with you, I first had to wait for the rain. I am very satisfied with your service – you have very promptly answered my questions, and the delivery was very fast. The received wipers ensure perfect wiping performance (my old wipers were jumping on the windscreen, and I thought that there was something wrong with their motor).

Great windscreen wipers for now! I am also very satisfied with the help I received and the quick delivery.
Top service, I have already recommended you to my friend.

Everything is great for now, and the quality of these wiper blades is excellent.

Website: transparent, simple and accurate (you can quickly find the product for your car).
Product: great; the quality was even better than I expected it to be for this price.
Delivery & support: excellent, the answer came immediately, and the delivery was very flexible.

Greetings! I hesitated with my answer because there wasn’t any opportunity to test the wipers. I finally did that today, and I can say that I am very pleased with the efficiency and noiseless performance of the purchased wipers. I also have to emphasize that I was very impressed by the quick response and delivery. Thank you very much and kind regards.

I am more than satisfied. I was also pleased with the delivery speed, as well as with perfect and noiseless wiping performance.

Responsible attitude toward customers, fast delivery, very good prices and excellent quality = pleased customer.

I didn’t want to share my opinion with you right at the beginning, since many wiper blades carry out their work well for couple of months, but become useless after that. After five months I can easily say that these wiper blades are really great, as their wiping performance is still the same as it was the very first day – without exaggerating!

Mark: 10/10. You practically don’t hear them while driving on the highway and their whipping performance is really great.

Thank you for these high-quality windscreen wipers with noiseless wiping performance. Besides that, your delivery service was very quick. I can only recommend you.

My father and I are both very pleased with these wiper blades. Their wiping performance is really great! I also have to commend the company that manages this site, as it is really reliable and trustworthy! I think that I won’t buy any other wiper blades than from you and only from the trademark Vornitzer!

So far I am very pleased with these windscreen wipers. Their wiping performance is thorough and noiseless.
As for the purchase and delivery, everything was correct and delivered as agreed.
In short, I am very pleased with your service.

Great and cheap wiper blades.

So far I am very satisfied with these wiper blades. They are still quite young, which is why I am going to share my opinion with you after a year, when they will be tested in all four seasons.
However, I am very satisfied with the help I’ve received during the purchase and the really fast delivery. Keep up the good work 😉

I am sharing my opinion with you after four months of use, and I can say that the working performance of your windscreen wipers is entirely according to my (high) expectations.
An acquaintance of mine has bough new windscreen wipers with graphite coating. Their working performance is good, but very loud. The windscreen wipers which I purchased on your website are even from this point of view better – they are not “squeaking”.

I am very pleased with the purchase of these windscreen wipers. The delivery was very fast, and I purchased my order with ease. The website is very user-friendly. I am also satisfied with the quality of your wipers. I will definitely use your services again in the future.

At first I thought this has to be pure exaggeration, but after the last storm your wiper blades really proved themselves – their wiping performance was almost noiseless. Oh, and the delivery… fast and efficient.

So far I was very satisfied with your wiper blades (their wiping performance is almost noiseless), and I expect it to remain like that in the future.
The delivery was OK!

I have to inform you that your wiper blades – especially the front ones – are PHENOMENAL.
Thank you for selling such great products.

Good windscreen wipers, like everything else (delivery, customer service, etc.).


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Customer Reviews about our Wiper Blades
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