Different Designs (Geometry) of Front Windscreen Wipers

Going through the history, there were several different designs (geometries) of windscreen wipers. The tandem scheme is the most common design (Figure No. 1). Two windscreen wipers move in parallel, while producing overlapping cleared areas on the windscreen with the greatest overlap in front of the driver. The formation depends on whether the car is intended for the market with the left or with the right-hand-drive vehicles (Figure No. 2).



Besides these two, there are also many other designs of windscreen wipers. A very common one is the opposed scheme, which can be placed either below (Figure No. 3) or above (Figure No. 4). This scheme mostly uses larger windscreen wipers in order to wipe the maximum of the windscreen surface, especially on the driver’s side.



Very popular are also cars with a single windscreen wiper. We know the simple-arc single-blade system with a centre pivot (Figure No. 5) and a system called “Monoblade”, which is able to extend outward to reach the top corners of the windscreen in order to wipe the maximum of the windscreen surface (Figure No. 6).



There are also rarer or older designs of windscreen wipers:

Figure No. 7: a pantograph-based windscreen wiper design, which is used on many commercial vehicles, especially buses, military vehicles, trucks and some older cars.

Figure No. 8: a design that uses 3 wipers. It was used because of a US-only ruling, which required a certain percentage of the windscreen to be wiped.

Figure No. 9 and figure No. 10: two designs which were used on some older cars and military wheeled vehicles.





Image source: www.wikipedia.org

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Different Designs (Geometry) of Front Windscreen Wipers