Frequently Asked Questions about Vornitzer™ Wiper Blades

Are the Vornitzer™ wiper blades really as good as you claim them to be?

  • Absolutely. Vornitzer™ wiper blades are made of high-quality materials, which makes them one of the best top wiper blades in the world. See for yourself.

Can I use flat wiper blades on a car, which currently uses conventional wiper blades?

  • Of course. Flat wiper blades can easily replace conventional wiper blades. Actually, the replacement of conventional wiper blades with flat wiper blades is highly recommended, since the flat wiper blades have many advantages over traditional wipers. To learn more about the difference between flat and conventional wiper blades, please click HERE.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Vornitzer™ Wiper Blades