Silicone Wiper Blades

Wondering if silicone wiper blades are really better than those made of natural rubber? In this article, we will try to answer this question and also explain the difference between silicone and conventional wiper blades.

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Opinions are divided. Namely, some users have had good experiences and some have had bad experiences with silicone wiper blades. The main problem with silicone wiper blades lies in a fine layer of silicone, which they apply to the windscreen. This layer can be useful when driving in the rain, since it causes beading of the water, but it can also create a very undesirable and dangerous effect. When the wiper blade makes a pass over the windscreen, it creates a haze, which can completely obscure the view of the road, and which, of course, is very dangerous. Silicone is not a natural rubber and can, therefore, behave dangerously at different temperatures (especially at lower ones). In addition, silicone is less resistant to damages. High-quality silicone wiper blades are in principle more resistant to damages caused by weather conditions (summer heat and UV light), but less resistant to abrasion caused by debris that accumulates on the windscreen. This is also the reason why silicone wiper blades start to leave streaks of water sooner than other types of wiper blades. So, be careful while purchasing silicone wiper blades – if they are not truly of high quality, silicone wiper blades can be even dangerous.

Most world-famous producers still prefer the use of wiper blades made of natural rubber, since they are the most reliable ones. In combination with different coatings – e.g. the graphite or Teflon coating (the Guinness Book of World Records lists Teflon as the slipperiest substance on Earth) – such wiper blades ensure perfect and noiseless wiping performance in all weather conditions, without having to worry that something could go wrong.

Vornitzer ™ wiper blades in our offer are made of 100% natural rubber, high-quality spring steel and highly resistant Teflon coating, which is responsible for additional noiseless and perfect wiping performance in all seasons.

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Silicone Wiper Blades
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