Technology of Vornitzer™ Aerodynamic Wiper Blades

1. Aerodynamic and Flat Design

Vornitzer™ aerodynamic wiper blades are distinguished by a modern and flat design which ensures:

  • Excellent adhesion of wiper blades to the windscreen.
  • Even and distributed pressure along the entire length of wiper blades.
  • Reduced air resistance in comparison with conventional wiper blades, as well as excellent wiping performance even at higher travelling speeds.
  • Minimalistic, modern and great look on your car.

2. High-Quality Wiper Blade Rubber

Vornitzer™ wiper blades are made of top quality rubber.

  • The wiper blade rubber consists of 100% natural rubber. Since it remains flexible, it can also be used at lower temperatures. In addition, such rubber is resistant to damages caused by the effects of UV light, heat and dirt.
  • The wiper blade rubber is distinguished by precisely manufactured edges to ensure 100% perfect wiping performance, without leaving streaks of water.
  • The rubber consists of an additional high-quality Teflon coating (the Guinness Book of World Records lists Teflon as the slipperiest substance on Earth).


Teflon coating:

  • Is highly resistant to damages;
  • Is extremely durable;
  • Ensures extremely noiseless and perfect wiping performance;
  • Protects the rubber from UV light, heat and dirt, as well as from other road dirt, which could damage the rubber;
  • Ensures a very long lifespan of wiper blades.

3. High-Quality Spring Steel

The high-quality wiper spring steel is one of the most important parts of flat aerodynamic wiper blades. It is designed with precision, therefore providing constant pressure to the entire windscreen, even on cars with a more rounded windscreen.


4. Zinc Alloy Adapter Base

The adapter base is made of zinc alloy, and not from low-cost and unstable plastic. Thus, it ensures stable fixation of windscreen wipers (the zinc alloy has more consistent properties than plastic), which is essential for perfect long-term wiping performance.



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Technology of Vornitzer™ Aerodynamic Wiper Blades
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