The Difference between Conventional and Flat Wiper Blades

Have you noticed that nowadays less and less conventional (those that have a metal ‘coat hanger’ shaped frame) wiper blades are used? The reason for this lies in new and modern wiper blades (also called flat or aerodynamic wiper blades), which are being serially installed on the vast majority of newer cars and are rapidly displacing the conventional wiper blades on the market.

conventional-vs-flat-windscreen-wipersTwo main advantages of modern car wiper blades are the aerodynamics and the ability to maintain steady pressure over the entire windscreen surface. Namely, conventional wiper blades have a metal frame that only has 4-8 pressure points. On the other hand, modern wiper blades have infinite pressure points, which is why their wiping performance remains even and noiseless. In addition, modern wiper blades have an aerodynamic design that ensures perfect wiping performance even at higher travelling speeds. This is especially important while driving on the highway during bad weather. Surely you have been in a situation when you were driving on the highway during the night and bad weather, wishing your wiper blades were better. Because of situations like that, modern flat wiper blades have a specially designed spoiler, which improves wiper stability at higher travelling speeds. In contrast, conventional wiper blades do not have an aerodynamic design and cannot ensure driving stability at higher travelling speeds.

Therefore, we strongly recommend the use of modern flat wiper blades, such as the Vornitzer™ wiper blades from our offer (in case you are wondering – flat wiper blades can easily replace conventional wiper blades, even if your car is from a time when these wiper blades did not even exist).

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The Difference between Conventional and Flat Wiper Blades
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