Wiper Blade Replacement – How to Replace Wiper Blades

Wondering how to replace wiper blades? You always took the car to a car mechanic to have them replaced for you?

Do not worry. Replacing wiper blades is no rocket science. Experienced users will have them replaced within a few minutes, while you will not need more than 20 minutes, which includes the studying of the instructions on the box. 20 minutes applies to those who have never done this, while everyone else already knows that this can be done much faster. Replacing wiper blades is in fact very simple.

wiper-blades-replacement First of all, you have to remove your old wiper blades. The process for removing your old wiper blades depends on the type of the connector they are connected to. Give yourself a few minutes to study the connector and adapter on which the wiper blade is attached. You will certainly quickly realize what you have to do in order to remove your old wiper blade. If you are having a J-hook or U-hook arm, then depress to release the locking tab and simply remove the wiper blade. On the other hand, if you are having a modern connector, you will most likely need to push a tab or a button to release them. Each of these methods is quite simple. Take a minute, and study the adapter and connector type of your windscreen wipers.

After you have successfully removed your old wiper blades, the only remaining part left will be the wiper arm. But be CAREFUL! Use caution when lifting the wiper arms into the up position as some arms are spring-loaded to tension the blade and squeegee down on the glass, and could crack your windscreen. That happens to people very often, therefore you should be very careful while replacing your wiper blades.

The next step is to install new wiper blades. Right now, you are already a half-expert, since you managed to learn how to remove old wiper blades. At this moment, you already know what kind of a connector you have and what kind of adapter you need. Follow the instructions on the box of your new wiper blades and install them.

Well done, you are already at 90%. The last step is to verify if the wiper blades are moving normally. Lift them up with your hand, and jiggle the wiper blade back and forth to make sure it is locked in the wiper arm. Now you just have to test the wiper blades to ensure they are operating correctly. Use some windscreen washer fluid and turn them on.

If you have successfully passed the last step, you are ready for new carefree miles, even in case of bad weather.

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Wiper Blade Replacement – How to Replace Wiper Blades
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