Wiper Blade Wholesale

Each and every shop with car spare parts, mechanic, repair shop and other car salesmen can receive our wholesale price list. Please send us an email at info@topwiperblades.co.uk or call us at 0203-769-2346 and we will be happy to send you an offer that will certainly suit you.

Why Should You Include Vornitzer™ Wiper Blades in Your Selling Offer?

  • Excellent quality in terms of price (see more about Vornitzer™ wiper blades HERE).
  • Choose among different types of wiper blades, including specific wiper blades (one wiper blade suits one particular model), as well as „universal“ wiper blades, which fit 99% of cars. “Universal” wiper blades are highly suitable for all smaller shops and repairmen with fewer customers or customers with all kinds of different car manufacturers, who, therefore, never know which type of wiper blades they will need. These wiper blades can solve this problem, as they come with several different adaptors and can be installed on almost any vehicle. That way, you will have a small stock and always be prepared for almost any customer who chooses to purchase from you.
  • All products include an additional English description – they are 100% ready for sale in the UK.
Wiper Blade Wholesale
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