Wiper Blades Maintenance or How to Extend the Lifespan of Wiper Blades

Each and every car owner would certainly like to have flawless windscreen wipers for as long as possible. Although the lifespan of windscreen wipers largely depends on the quality of wiper blades or the rubber, there are a couple of tips, which we can follow in order to extend the lifespan of wiper blades. We have already mentioned some of them in this article: Lifespan of Wiper Blades, When Is It Time to Replace Them, and Why Are Worn Out Wiper Blades Dangerous.

windscreen-wipers-maintenance We have to be aware of the fact that the rubber wiper blade is a very delicate rubber, which is constantly exposed to all kinds of weather conditions, UV light, dirt that is splashed up on our windscreen from other vehicles, etc. Moreover, windscreen wipers have to ensure several thousands of movements during its lifetime. Each smallest defect (even when it comes to micro defects that are invisible to the human eye) influences the quality of wiping performance.


What Can We Do To Extend The Lifespan of Wiper Blades?

At first, you can assure that your windscreen wipers always remain clean from dirt. By that we mean the road dirt, insects that are smeared on the windscreen, bird droppings or other messy deposits. All that dirt on the windscreen slowly, but perseveringly causes the rubber wiper blade to tear, even if that is not visible to the human eye. Let us, therefore, keep our windscreen always clean. Bird droppings and smeared insects should be removed from the windscreen regularly.

Secondly, while washing your car, you should use a wet sponge to clean both the windscreen and the rubber wiping elements.

If it had not been raining for a long time or you simply have not used your wiper blades for a long time, we recommend you to use them by applying a windscreen washer fluid. In addition, wiper blades should be moved at least twice a week (5-10 cyclical movements would be enough).

Finally, lifting the windscreen wipers during the summer can prevent them from getting “baked” on the windscreen, since that causes the rubber to tear on a microscopic level. Furthermore, you have to ensure that windscreen wipers do not get “frozen” on the windscreen during the winter. If that happens and you try to move them by force, the rubber gets damaged. In the end, windscreen wipers should not be used on a frozen windscreen. This can cause immediate damage to the rubber, and, consequently, starting the wiper blades to leave streaks of water.

If you follow the above mentioned tips, you can prolong the lifespan of your wiper blades up to 3 times!

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Wiper Blades Maintenance or How to Extend the Lifespan of Wiper Blades
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