Wiper Blades & Statistics

Wiper-Blades-Statistics Wiper blades are, statistically, one of the most neglected components on cars. A large percentage of vehicle owners replace wiper blades when it is already too late, and the visibility is very poor.

It is estimated that about 25% of vehicles use worn out wiper blades. Namely, many drivers are not aware of the fact that wiper blades are so-called “consumable” goods, thus should be replaced on time.

Annual precipitation averages for the entire UK are about 165 days of rain, while there are about 35,000,000 vehicles licensed for use on the road.

Taking into account the above-mentioned data, we can come to a conclusion that in the UK there are about 8,750,000 private cars that represent a potential danger to traffic safety for half a year due to of worn out wiper blades.

Therefore, ensure both your safety and the safety of other traffic participants, and replace worn out wiper blades in time. To learn more about the reasons to choose high-quality wiper blades, and the advantages of such wiper blades, please click HERE.

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Wiper Blades & Statistics