Worn Out Wiper Blades?

worn-out-wiper-blades You assume your wiper blades do not work properly anymore? You have noticed that lately they have begun to leave streaks of water, which hinders your flawless view of the road? Or even worse! They began to leave bands of smeared water? You have also noticed that the rubber wiper blade has hardened or it even goes squeaking all the time? Maybe your wiper blades have become so hard that they are “jumping” on the windscreen? Every time it rains, you have a bad feeling because you know that with turning on your windscreen wipers everything will only get worse? These are all signs that your windscreen wipers need to be replaced.

We recommend you to check your windscreen wipers every six months, since the weather in the UK is quite unpredictable, and the rain can come at any time of the year and on any day. That way, you will avoid unpleasant surprises when turning on your windscreen wipers after a long time. If needed, wiper blades should be replaced on a regular basis, but we strongly recommend you to replace them at least once a year. We recommend you to replace them either in spring or in the fall. Hence, you will drive carefree, whatever the driving conditions may be. Choose visibility – choose safety.

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Worn Out Wiper Blades?
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