Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions have been prepared in accordance with the Slovenian Consumer Protection Act, recommendations of the Slovenian Chamber of Commerce and international codes for e-commerce. Terms & Conditions determine the conditions of purchase through the website Topwiperblades.co.uk, which is available on http://www.topwiperblades.co.uk (hereinafter the “Website”) and managed by the company, whose information can be found under point 2 – provider of e-commerce services (hereinafter the “Provider”).

By using this Website, you accept and agree to all provisions of these Terms & Conditions, which include all links and their components, and confirm that you are familiar with the privacy policy.

Essential properties of goods and prices, including all taxes and other charges, as well as information about the payment and delivery method, become effective at the moment of the final order confirmation. The date of the delivery deadline becomes effective at the moment of the final confirmation. In case of any changes of the delivery deadline, you will be informed adequately and in time (via your email address or telephone number, which you have entered while purchasing the order).

The item prices and the costs of postage are displayed in the shopping cart (all prices on this Website already include VAT) before the order is concluded. Moreover, when your order is placed, you will receive all information on your online order to the email address which you have entered in the shopping cart together with all the other data. If you do not receive this information, you may have entered a wrong email address. In this case, please email us at info@topwiperblades.co.uk or call us at 0203-769-2346.

1. Final Order Confirmation

The order is finally confirmed and concluded when the confirmation from the online is sent to your email address, which you have entered while purchasing the order.

If after placing the order you wish to change anything or cancel the order entirely, you can do so by sending an email to info@topwiperblades.co.uk.

2. Identity of the Company and Contact Information

The online shop Topwiperblades.co.uk is operated by the company VORNITZER with its headquarters in the EU (Slovenia).

Full company name: VORNITZER Tadej Leban s.p.
Company’s headquarters:
Country: EU – Slovenia
City: 5220 Tolmin
Street: Poljubinj 21b
Email address: info@topwiperblades.co.uk
Telephone: 0203-769-2346
Registration number: 6564933000
VAT ID: SI64660311

3. Purchasing Process

3.1. Item Selection

To select a certain item, please use our SEARCH ENGINE, which will show you relevant results depending on the manufacturer, model and year of your car. Select the required item by clicking the ‘Add to Shopping Cart’ button. The system will inform you that the item has been successfully added to the cart. If you want to continue shopping, simply repeat the step for each additional item.

To complete the purchase, proceed to the cart, click on the ‘View Cart’ button (under the item you have added to your cart) or go the main menu and click on the ‘Online Shop’ – ‘My Cart’ button. The system will bring you to your cart.

3.2. Removing items from the shopping cart

To remove a particular item from the shopping cart, go to the cart (how to get to the cart is explained in section 3.1.) and select the ‘Remove This Item’ button, which can be found next to each added item. To add another item to the shopping cart, reuse our SEARCH ENGINE.

3.3. Shopping Cart

To complete the order, click the ‘Next Step’ button and enter all required information about the payer and the delivery, and choose the preferred payment and delivery method.

3.3.1. Account Information

Information for any field marked with an asterisk (*) (name, surname, email address, country, city, postcode and phone number) must be provided. Received information will be used for confirmation and completion of the orders, as well as for the delivery of the ordered items.

This form allows you also to specify an address, which may be different from the billing address. In order to choose another address, click the box with the question ‘Ship to a different address?’.

3.3.2. Delivery Methods

All goods will be delivered to your home by our postal service supplier GLS for an additional delivery charge of £2.90. We retain the right to choose another delivery service, if it can help to complete the contract more efficiently.

3.3.3. Payment Methods

Following methods of payment are possible:
– Payment via PayPal
– Payment via Credit Card (processing via Braintree).

3.3.4. Order Review

Before you complete the purchase process, you can review the total purchase price, including prices of goods and delivery costs.

3.3.5. Minimum Order Amount

The minimum amount to order (total amount of all items in the shopping basket, excluding delivery charges) over the Internet is £15.

3.4. Complete the Order

Before completing the purchase, you can verify the information you have filled out, the payment method you have chosen and the content of the shopping cart. The order is confirmed by clicking the ‘Order Complete’ button. If the order has been successfully completed, you will read the following text: “Thank you. Your order has been accepted”.

3.5. Final Confirmation of the Order

After placing the order, the customer service personnel will send you a confirmation letter via email with all the details of your order and a notice that your order has been accepted and confirmed.

Text of the email message: “Your order has been successfully placed and is being verified. All the information about your order can be seen below.”

The received email message also includes following information:
– Order number,
– Delivery method,
– Payment method,
– All ordered items and their prices,
– Billing address,
– Delivery address.

3.6. Cancellation of Order Prior to Delivery

If you wish to change your order or to cancel your order entirely, you can do so by sending an email to info@topwiperblades.co.uk.

4. Prices

All prices listed on the Website are final prices. All prices listed on the Website include VAT.

All prices are valid at the moment of the placed order and do not have a predetermined validity. All prices are valid from 1st March 2016 until cancellation.

The purchase agreement (contract) between the Provider and customer is concluded at the moment when the Provider confirms the order. From that moment on, all prices and other conditions are fixed and are valid for the Provider as well as for the customer.

The provider shall issue an invoice to the customer in a durable medium.

The purchase agreement (contract) is electronically stored on the provider’s server, and the customer can access it any time in the email message, which he has received after completing his purchase.

Even though the Provider attempts to post accurate information, errors may occur. The Provider reserves the right to change prices without prior notice.

5. Multimedia Content

Apart from the main information about the items, this Website also includes images and videos (images and videos are symbolic), whose purpose is better visual interpretation of the selling items. Although the Provider attempts to post accurate images of products, all shown images have to be seen as symbolic. These images do not guarantee correct and accurate representation of the items. They may differ from actual items in colour and material.

All multimedia content used on this Website is either copyrighted or obtained through websites that offer multimedia content free of charge. If there has been a mistake and we have unknowingly used copyrighted material, please contact us and we will immediately remove such material.

6. Right to Withdraw From the Purchase – Return of Goods

In case of purchases concluded from a distance, according to the Consumer Protection Law, the customer is entitled to inform the Provider, within fifteen (15) days after receiving the goods, about his withdrawal from the contract without any further explanation. The only expenses charged to the customer regarding the withdrawal from the contract are the direct expenses met to return the goods to the Provider. The customer has to inform the Provider by email of his intention to return the goods to the Provider. The address to write to is: info@topwiperblades.co.uk. The goods have to be returned to the Provider within the maximum of thirty (30) days after the withdrawal notification. The refund of payment shall be made as soon as possible, but within the maximum of thirty (30) days after the received notification on the withdrawal from the contract.

Goods must be returned intact, unless they have already been damaged or its quantity was reduced, without the fault of the customer.

The online shop Topwiperblades.co.uk reserves the right to refuse returned goods that are damaged, worn out or do not include all component parts (box, invoice, original packaging, etc.). Therefore, the customer is kindly asked to handle with the product carefully and economically, since only then will he have the right to replace the goods or get a refund.

The purchase price for the returned goods will be refunded in cash or deposited on the customer’s bank account, whose number has to be attached with the goods he is returning or can be send to the Provider by email to info@topwiperblades.co.uk.

You Have Received Damaged Goods – What to Do?

Any packaging or goods damage with visible external signs must always be declared immediately upon arrival. Customer is not obliged to accept such goods and may reject them.

You Want to Use the Right to Withdraw From the Contract – Return of Goods or Warranty?

If the customer is not satisfied with the received wiper blades (they do not work properly), he purchased the order by mistake or he simply changed his mind, he can, at any time within fifteen (15) days of receiving goods, notify us about his withdrawal from the purchase. Please inform us by email of your intention to return the goods. The address to write to is: info@topwiperblades.co.uk. It is necessary to provide the following information: name and surname, address, order number and the reason you want to return the purchased goods or claim warranty. The only expenses charged to the customer regarding the withdrawal from the contract are the direct expenses met to return the goods to the Provider, except in the case where defective goods have been provided (wiper blades do not work properly) – in that case, the Provider covers the costs of returning the goods, but only upon presenting a proof of irregular functioning of the goods, e.g. a high-quality video. Valid evidence should show the malfunction of goods and should be sent to us either by email to info@topwiperblades.co.uk or in a durable medium to the company’s address. The goods have to be returned to the Provider within the maximum of thirty (30) days after the withdrawal notification. The refund of payment shall be made as soon as possible, but within the maximum of thirty (30) days after the received notification of the withdrawal from the contract.

7. Delivery

The Provider must deliver the goods ordered on this Website as soon as possible. Delivery is available only to UK addresses. All goods will be delivered by our postal service supplier GLS, usually in 2-5 working days, but not later than in 10 days from the dispatch of purchased goods. Ordered goods will most likely be delivered in the morning. In case that the recipient is not on the address at the time of delivery, the delivery staff will call him on his phone number and settle another delivery date or leave a notice in the mailbox, and the recipient will be able to pick up the package at the nearest post office. We retain the right to choose another delivery service.

8. Safety

All the data received is used for the purposes of the purchase process. If necessary, customer’s data is passed on to the companies that are responsible for the delivery of goods (name, surname, address and phone number for settling a delivery date) and to the bank for the purposes of the payment. Customer’s personal data is not disclosed to anyone else. After the delivery and after the Provider receives the agreed payment, customer’s personal data will be blocked for any further use and ultimately deleted after all retention periods relating to commercial and tax law have expired.

9. Privacy Policy

The Provider is committed to the protection of customer’s personal data. The Provider will use personal data exclusively for the purposes of fulfilling the purchase process (sending information material, offers, and invoices) and other necessary communication. The customer’s data will not be in any case handed over to unauthorized personnel. The Website and other systems are protected with technical and organizational measures against loss, destruction, access, modification and dissemination of customer’s personal data by unauthorized persons. Despite regular checks, customer’s data cannot be completely protected.

10. Children’s Privacy

Advertisements must be clearly displayed (taking into account age) and clearly separated from games and competitions. Any communication intended for children must be suitable to their age and must not exploit the credibility of children, their lack of experience or sense of loyalty.

The Provider shall not take orders from someone, knowing or suspecting that it is a child, without specific permission from his parents or guardians.

The Provider shall not accept any personal data relating children without expressed permission from their parents or guardians. The Provider shall also not release child’s personal information to a third party, except to parents or guardians.

The Provider shall not offer free access to products or services that are harmful to children.

11. Discharge from Liability

The Provider commits to assure its best efforts in order to offer up-to-date and accurate information. However, the characteristics of products, their availability and prices change so rapidly that the Provider may fail to correct the information on this Website. In this case, the Provider will inform the customers of changes and will enable the cancellation of the contract or the replacement of the ordered product.

The website Topwiperblades.co.uk disposes with a database with a large number of different car and wiper blade models. Since this database may contain data entry errors, the search engine could display incorrect information and, consequently, the customer may order wrong wiper blades or wrong measurements of wiper blades. Therefore, the customer is obliged to check the adequacy of wiper blades before their installation (if they themselves are not convinced of their relevance, they shall consult on this issue with an appropriately qualified person – e.g. car mechanic. If the customer discovers that he has received wrong wiper blades, he shall inform the Provider about it and the Provider will send him appropriate wiper blades or return him the money. The Provider is not liable for any damage or costs incurred while installing wrong wiper blades or due to improper installation of wiper blades.

In some (rare) cases, the difference in size between the original and the replacement, which amounts to 0.63”/0.64” less than the original, is considered as a suitable replacement.

12. Complaints and Disputes

The Provider respects the existing consumer protection laws. The Provider is required to establish an efficient system of dealing with complaints and should select a contact person, which the customer can contact by telephone or email. Complaints should be submitted by email to info@topwiperblades.co.uk. The Provider will confirm the receiving of a complaint within five (5) working days and explain the course of further procedures to the customer.

The Provider is aware that essential characteristic of consumer dispute, as far as the judicial resolution is concerned, is its disproportion between the economic value of the claim and costs incurred in resolving the dispute itself. This is also a major obstacle that prevents the customer to initiate proceedings before the court. Therefore, the Provider shall do his best in order to resolve any disputes by mutual agreement.

We wish you a pleasant shopping!